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Great Quotes from Alexei Orlov’s The Business of Life Blog
Great Quotes from Alexei Orlov’s The Business of Life Blog

Great Quotes from Alexei Orlov’s The Business of Life Blog

Thoughts and Perspectives of a Global CEO

Alexei Orlov

Alexei Orlov’s The Business of Life Blog

Alexei Orlov writes about self-value. He writes about the power of knowing oneself. Alexei Orlov likes to write about kindness and empathy even in situations where you feel there is none to give or none deserved. Alexei Orlov knows the importance of staying present and the necessity of change.

Meaningful change is fundamental to our very existence.

Alexei Orlov, Personal Authority

Another of my favorite quotes that deal with change…

In order to remain true, we need to be ever mindful of change, able to adopt truths and course correct at the crucial moments.

Alexei Orlov, Be known for what you do, not what you say

So much good in life has been orphaned because we humans all too often fail to do the right thing; too often, we are short in action yet long on opinion


The Business of Life Blog is heavy on action. People can do, people should do, people ought to do… the right thing. Orlov does not harp on ideas that deal with what people say, what they promise, or what they say that they will do even, but ONLY on ideas centering around the action of doing because in the act of doing can you start to create the good that they world so severely lacks and that we talk about needing to see more of every day. Maybe Alexei Orlov would say When you talk about action, nothing is what happens, but if the talking ceases and the action is simply done, something happens and when that doing is coming from a place of good intention, then something good is happening in the world and it came from you. I want to point out quickly that the title of one of his posts in his Psychology Today Blog is…

Be Known for What You Do, Not What You Say

Here are more of my favorite quotes from The Business of Life Blog that centers around ACTION.

To my mind, if you stand still and are afraid to do anything, that is the biggest mistake of all—not just for your own journey, but for the world we all inhabit. Failing to act when we are stricken with adversity is to deprive the world of our talents.

Alexei Orlov, failing well

Personal authority does not come from promises or grandstanding, but from truthful action—deeds with purpose. So much in life has been orphaned because we humans have failed repeatedly to do the right thing; we’re short on effort, but long on opinion.

Alexei Orlov, Be Known for What You Do, Not What You Say

…use every misstep and disappointment as a building block, a step towards understanding. …to achieve true success one has to be able to look into the darkness, and come out the other side a better, more complete person.


One discovers the measure of a person by what they do in the face of a moment that truly matters.

Alexei Orlov, Be Known for What You Do, Not What You Say

Did I say that Alexei Orlov likes to ponder on the overarching ability for humans to offer kindness to one another even in the very worst moments? As he might say and probably has said ” Why would we call ourselves ‘humankind?”

Here is a great quote from Alexei Orlov about the origins of true human kindness.

Be kind to yourself so that you may be kinder to others.


For Alexei Orlov, everything begins with the way you see yourself. Your relationship with you is the first step in maximizing your ability to affect positive change on the planet.


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