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Alexei Orlov: Powering Successful Marketing Teams Worldwide
Alexei Orlov: Powering Successful Marketing Teams Worldwide

Alexei Orlov: Powering Successful Marketing Teams Worldwide


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Alexei Orlov: Founder Of MTM

Alexei Orlov is a distinguished name in the global marketing domain, and it’s his vast professional achievements that have earned him a renowned reputation. With his expertise in global brand strategy, operational change management, and marketing deployment, Orlov’s industry knowledge seemingly has no bounds. It’s for this reason why he found success in developing his own network of dynamic brand activation agencies. As the founder and CEO of the independent global network of wholly-owned marketing agencies, MTM Choice, Alexei Orlov holds a prominent role at the helm. Through brand activation and media optimization, MTM assists over 120 brands worldwide in truly finding and investing in the “moments that matter.”

Over the years, MTM has seen tremendous growth and wealth. They’ve overseen several acquisitions and have raised over $30 million. While Alexei Orlov has proven his prowess as a leader and entrepreneur, he, like all global leaders, had to get his start somewhere. Before MTM, Alexei Orlov served as the CEO of RAPP. He was also the CMO of Volkswagen Group China. Volvo Cars, Wunderman, and Avon are some of the other prominent brands Orlov has helped spearhead growth for in the past, and it’s these combined work experiences that primed him for the entrepreneurial leadership role he holds today.

Moments that Matter (MTM)

Alexei Orlov’s inspiration for mtm derived directly from his cultivated professional marketing beliefs. As a strong proponent of appealing to audiences, Orlov has always stressed the importance of making digital moments matter. According to Orlov, if you can’t demonstrate the relevance of or need for your product, your business will inevitably fail. That’s where the idea of creating ‘moments that matter’ came from and why it now sits as the central focus and title for his global marketing firm. Orlov attributes his current professional success to the marketing principles he has learned and upheld throughout his career.

When MTM CEO Alexei Orlov discovered his passion and talent for global marketing, he quickly realized the significance of seizing every advertising opportunity. More importantly, he was made aware of how beneficial it could be to tweak these opportunities accordingly. With a globally effective and customized plan in place, Alexei Orlov has witnessed and learned how efficient his advertising strategies could be. As he and mtm choice continues to grow and diversify, he will undoubtedly adopt new and improved techniques along the way.

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