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Camron PR Partners with Alexei Orlov and MTM
Camron PR Partners with Alexei Orlov and MTM

Camron PR Partners with Alexei Orlov and MTM


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The world of PR is an ever-evolving landscape that adapts to advancements in technology and the changes to the social zeitgeist. It isn’t just press releases and lavish social events anymore. There will always be a place for those effective traditional approaches. Yet, without consistently seeking growth opportunities or simply evolving, time could leave a brand looking more like an antique stick in the mud.

Camron PR understands these facts. 

Camron PR is a design-focused PR firm that offers clients a diversified palette of design, lifestyle, and business communication techniques to promote their business, keep them a part of every relevant social conversation, and thrust each brand into a leadership position within its given field. With offices in London, Milan, New York, Los Angeles, and Shanghai, and an even more extensive network of global connections, Camron PR works with clients in Europe, the US, Canada, Latin America, UAE, Russia, and Asia. Camron PR believes in providing creative, intelligent, and efficient services while assisting clients in operating on a more global plane to maximize their return on investment.  Camron PR’s client has a unique understanding of how design sits at the very core of its business.

Global Visibility

Providing cutting-edge showrooms, industry fair stylings, and engaging press conference moments are simply the tip of the iceberg when you work with Camron PR. The agency strives to offer a collaborative work environment with the industry’s leading professionals to give their brands real visibility in all global markets, places any successful business would wish to find themselves. This high level of brand visibility requires a team of dedicated experts who share a passion for making a brand stand out amongst the crowd. Camron PR uses 20 years of earned reputation to craft its foundation and first impression. Luxury lifestyle, international design, architecture, business innovation, travel, and technology make up significant areas of expertise in Camron’s public relations canon.

Alexei Orlov’s MTM (Moments That Matter) acquired Camron PR in 2017 and has since partnered to create an industry spanning PR and marketing design power couple ready to team with brands from every vertical on any continent in the world. The global experience and footprint of Camron PR seemed the perfect match for Alexei Orlov and the team at MTM. Together, Camron and MTM assist in propelling brand after brand to the top of their industry through world-class innovation and proper global brand awareness.

Alexei Orlov’s Quick History

Alexei Orlov knows what it’s like to be at the top of one’s industry. The Founder and CEO of MTM has had success as a leader and provided leadership support to PR and marketing agencies worldwide, offering real-time working insight on everything from a firm’s brand strategy to its digital presence.

Alexei Orlov’s career includes such internationally notable positions as Chief Marketing Officer for Volkswagen Group China to acting as Senior Advisor for the Chairman and CEO of DAS Group of Companies, an $8 billion division of Omnicom Group PLC.

Leading the Leaders

Leveraging the insights gained during his tenure leading these global corporations, Alexei Orlov stepped away from that world and created MTM in February 2017. Orlov quickly expanded to five major cities that tap into the local resources of each market. His eye for the next step in marketing puts any partnered agency ahead of the rest, genuinely catapulting each one to its full creative potential by instilling confidence within the organization and its leadership. Guiding business strategy, understanding the finance behind business operations, and interpreting market trends are just a few ways that Orlov goes about sustaining and inspiring his teams. By offering his expertise and assistance with the behind-the-scenes work, Alexei Orlov allows his teams the time to creatively and thoroughly explore new ideas

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