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Alexei Orlov Talks Professional Leadership
Alexei Orlov Talks Professional Leadership

Alexei Orlov Talks Professional Leadership

By Wilson Scott

Every Hour is Important to Alexei Orlov

Alexie Orlov sleeps four hours a night; no more and no less than four hours every single night. That is the max amount of rest that he needs to feel rejuvenated from the trials of yesterday and adequately rested and prepared for the coming day ahead. Orlov’s career has seen dynamic entrepreneurial progression, global branding and marketing successes, facilitation of a financial about-face for a withering organization, even the creation of multiple multi-million-dollar-making businesses. All of his successes stretch across multiple companies and countries, even continents, yet Alexie Orlov believes they are not a result of any God-given genius or talent he owns. Orlov says each stems from his determination to wake up earlier than the rest of the world,  work four hours longer than the rest of the world, and not stop until he has succeeded. 

Orlov may choose to minimize the many achievements that decorate his career; curtailing his expert understanding of professional leadership, but those that work with Alexei and the team at MTM are well aware of his gifts. Whether it be from an operational management standpoint or a creative branding and marketing angle, professionals that get to work with the MTM founder are certain of one thing: Alexei Orlov knows what it takes to lead.

Many people believe that leaders are born, many others believe they are fashioned, with epic resilience, from their trials in life. For Alexei Orlov, leadership and its many traits may have been gifted to him from the beginning, but life also produced opportunities that the globally-renowned lifelong entrepreneur seized upon to stand where he stands today.  

Alexei Orlov’s Early Leadership Education

Few people are aware of this, but long before entering the business world and staking his claim as a global marketing giant, Alexei Orlov was on track and training to become a member of the priesthood. Very early in life, God called on Orlov to be a leader in his church and assist people through their spiritual journeys. A priest’s province is one at a level of leadership like no other. Until a significant family calamity forced Orlov out of seminary and back home, he was convinced of his place inside the church and his pathway toward becoming a priest. He jokes to this day that he would have made quite a fine Cardinal, a terrible Pope since he would cause more disruption than not, but a fine Cardinal.

Ultimately, the priesthood was not the road Alexei Orlov was meant to travel and leaving seminary allowed him to discover his true calling within the business world. Quickly past seminary departure, Orlov received a job in merchandising. Half of his work focused on margins and stock turnovers and positioning. The wonderful part of merchandising work and the skills collected in the profession is that not only was it operationally focused, but it also exercised the creative and artistic moments inside him. Orlov worked with packaging and sizing, the palette of color, and he and his teammates worked together in terms of sightline. Without knowing it, he acquired a landscape of skills that energized both the operational and the creative parts of his brain. Orlov taught himself and cultivated these skills that unknowingly put him on a path into leadership.


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