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Alexei Orlov Speaks to a Successful Entrepreneurial Career
Alexei Orlov Speaks to a Successful Entrepreneurial Career

Alexei Orlov Speaks to a Successful Entrepreneurial Career


I believe rules are made to be broken, whilst ideas are feed to growth.

Alexei Orlov,


How Do You Bring Ideas to Life?

Trying to get something absolutely perfect from the outset in business is an ‘obsession over reality and pace.’ I believe very much in having a clear purpose that others can align to and get going on once we feel we have enough homework done. It is important to course-correct as we move towards a goal. No one can predict every aspect and every eventuality. The trick is to know when to slow down to gather pace, and to be honest and clear at every step. It is also important to forgive others as much as you do yourself; then you will see how quickly ideas become objective realities.

What’s One Trend that Really Excites You?

The move towards digital and social AUTHENTICITY. For instance, it is not good enough to speak of data protection. It is also important to ensure that what people are involved with has its roots in an authentic product. My view is that we have allowed ourselves to think that anything at any time, by anyone, is just fine. It has made paupers of too many people with low sensibility and no sense of responsibility. The rules and regulations driven by GDPR (General Data Protections Regulation) must move into more clearly defined permissions not just to withstand data breaches, but to show authentic substance too.

What is One Business Idea You are Willing to Give Away to our Readers?

I think someone should create an insurance company product where you only pay for the time that you are physically using your car. It would cut the cost of insurance dramatically and, perversely, could actually increase the levels of insurance paid. Market penetration might increase, as it would become far more cost accessible to so many who can’t now afford to pay and take the risk.

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