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Alexei Orlov Featured on Everything-PR
Alexei Orlov Featured on Everything-PR

Alexei Orlov Featured on Everything-PR

Alexei Orlov: Global Marketer and Business Leader

Alexei Orlove in blue suitv at sundown
Alexei Orlov is a business leader of leaders.

Alexei Orlov, the founder and Global CEO of mtm choice worldwide, a Boutique Holding Group, decided to create his business back in 2017 after working in the global marketing and international business leadership applications for over 20 years. With facilities in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Milan, the company is actually a professional specialists network packed with experienced and attuned and skilled practitioners, to achieve high-precision brand activation and media optimization to customers.

Alexei Orlov is a proven authority in global brand policy, operational change management, and marketing deployment. He has obtained a lot of achievement as an established leader in global marketing. His company is supported by market-enabling technology and he constantly works on various acquisitions since it was founded. More recently, in 2018, mtm choice worldwide managed to raise $30 million after two acquisitions and is seeking more.

mtm choice worldwide is also developing three different unique service capability platforms. Today, Alexei Orlov’s company supplies its services to over 150 local and international clients.


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