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The Power of Motion
The Power of Motion

The Power of Motion

by Alexei Orlov

Life could not exist without motion.  Motion is everything.  The oxygen that we breathe, the water that we drink, the food that we take, the sun upon our shoulders – none could be so, were it not for the infinite and persistent dance of matter.

So is with us – you and me – the beat of heart, the race of pulse.

We, humans, are in constant flow – that indispensable energy that gives life and proves life, beyond the pulse of our mortal bodies. So, too, the rivers of our emotions – sometimes a symphony, other times, a swollen cacophony of competing thoughts and feelings.

Always changing. Never still.

The eternal juxtaposition of heart and mind – it is what makes us, if not perfect, certainly unique.

But, often, we are too still – not allowing the best opportunity to happen because we find ourselves, inert. Inertia born from fear, lack of self-belief, maybe, the spite of others that can run through our very veins like lead.

If we allow it, inertia can hang heavy about the very neck of our hopes, dreams, and fullest potential.  But those who, with good hearts, seize the day by confronting the paradigms thrown their way; those that dare to imagine the impossible, so that the possible can happen, are they who will be the Makers of tomorrow.

Nothing and no one should stop you from the power of inner motion, the flow, and the gift of a worthwhile life and a life worth living.

Give with kindness, receive with thanks.  Let hope, desire, purpose, and belief be your endless river!

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