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NOM: the Brand-Optimized Video Ad Solution Acquired by Alexei Orlov
NOM: the Brand-Optimized Video Ad Solution Acquired by Alexei Orlov

NOM: the Brand-Optimized Video Ad Solution Acquired by Alexei Orlov


Alexei Orlov, MTM and NOM

For the past thirty years, Alexei Orlov has been a global leader in marketing, operational leadership, and brand strategy. His credentials include serving on the Volkswagen Executive Team, working as the Executive Vice-Chairman for Wunderman, and serving as Marketing Director for Avon Cosmetics. 

Currently, Alexei Orlov is the CEO of MTM. This massively successful specialist-oriented global marketing holding group has acquired several agencies that serve over 120 client brands from offices across the globe.

Not Ordinary Media (NOM) is one of MTM’s first agency acquisitions. NOM takes a different approach to video marketing. Instead of trying to reach as many viewers as possible, NOM targets a specialized audience that gives companies the best conversion rate and the most considerable profits for their money. 

Here’s a snapshot of NOM, its partnership with Alexei Orlov and MTM, and what this very successful, unique video advertising platform has done for its clients across the world and can do for you.

What is NOM?

NOM is a Video and CTV advertising platform recently acquired by Alexei Orlov and the team at MTM to join their growing list of specialist-driven agencies dedicated to dynamic brand activation.  NOM has become one of the world’s leading specialist agencies. Inc. magazine named NOM one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States in 2019. The agency’s main office is in Los Angeles, California, with additional offices in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Dallas. 

It’s good to remember that NOM is an acronym for Not Ordinary Media. This idea pushes the NOM team to continue to create brand-activating outside-the-box work for their clients that constantly pushes the boundaries of their creativity.



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