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Alexei Orlov: Entrepreneur of the Month
Alexei Orlov: Entrepreneur of the Month

Alexei Orlov: Entrepreneur of the Month


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Founder and President of mtm choice worldwide, Alexei Orlov is a tested-and-tried pro in global marketing and business leadership. With extensive experience spanning 50 brands, 40 countries, and 30 years, Orlov has built a reputation in delivering highly targeted media optimization and brand activation.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, being part of Volkswagen’s top Leadership Team, Alexei Orlov spearheaded the company’s commercial excellence in the Chinese division. Worth noting, Orlov was co-responsible for the brand’s integrity and marketing for the organization’s key brands. Brands in Volkswagen’s portfolio that benefited from Orlov’s marketing prowess include Volkswagen, Audi, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, Seat, and Škoda.

Key Insights from Alexei Orlov

#1. Exciting Trend

According to Orlov, a trend that really excites him is the rapid shift towards social and digital authenticity. While data protection is an important facet in the digital world, it’s important to ensure that people get involved with systems rooted in authentic products. With this in mind, rules and regulations governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should have well-outlined permissions that show authentic substance, rather than prevent data breaches alone.

#2. Entrepreneur’s Most Important Strategy

Orlov’s most important strategy is to become a great practitioner that makes a difference in any identifiable market opportunity. The highly skilled entrepreneur notes that leaving room to pivot is an important aspect of achieving any goal. With this approach, the entrepreneur has managed to make fundamental changes that were absolutely necessary, despite being difficult. From financing operations, developing key strategies, to building exceptional teams, making fundamental changes is an important facet that can lead to success.


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