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Alexei Orlov Weaves Philosophy and Empathy Into Business Success
Alexei Orlov Weaves Philosophy and Empathy Into Business Success

Alexei Orlov Weaves Philosophy and Empathy Into Business Success


In meeting Alexei Orlov, one might be forgiven for thinking that he was a benevolent philosophy professor, rather than a businessman. He chooses his statements thoughtfully and in well-measured tones, seeming to be in constant consideration about life, work, and — of importance to both — what it means to connect with people.

“I do not have many interesting hobbies,” Orlov admits. “I do like to spend a lot of time reflecting, so I often seek out the wide, quiet places that people might not go to explore.”

Alexei Orlov maintains a regular column in Psychology Today that muses on what it means to navigate the modern world. His most recent articles include considerations on how one might learn to be grateful for even one most ordinary day, musings on what grace and sensibility might look like in common moments, and thoughts on how one could use past distress as building blocks to a more understanding future.

All of the pieces find various conclusions, but the trip taken is often the same. Orlov pulls his readers in through intimate anecdotes, taking them by the hand as he guides them into meditations on how he — and any who read his work — might try to grow into better, more sympathetic, and more concerned people.

Taking those seconds can be tricky in today’s world, he admits, but the outcome is well worth the trouble. As he writes in his column, “Our crazy, information-distracted lives move us at such a pace that our minds and hearts urge us to keep up and ride every wave — to be quick, decisive, and immediate in our life choices. In the end, that speed is often of our own making. It is in our power to decide the pace of our actions.”


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