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For Alexei Orlov, Loyalty Is The Sum Of All The Parts
For Alexei Orlov, Loyalty Is The Sum Of All The Parts

For Alexei Orlov, Loyalty Is The Sum Of All The Parts

According to Alexei Orlov, clients, and their customers, judge with savage and incisive precision. They believe that they are entitled to many things by using their Amex or Visa or hard-earned cash. While they may speak to good things in a kind manner at times, they will shout from the mountaintops every time and for all to hear if they believe there is an intense, exciting story to share.

The Necessity Of Trust

Alexei Orlov points out that trust is a vital part of empathy and need. Without it, there is no significance. Mistakes are bound to occur but what matters is how they are responded to and dealt with. It’s in those actions, specifically, that the chaff separates from the wheat.

Unfortunately, Alexei Orlov was correct most of the time. The people brands employ are the ones who do all the damage. One small moment that an employee becomes careless and lets down their guard, or is at the end of their rope and offers rude comments to the customers; this tiny moment is more than enough.

Suddenly, months and months of work, everything you have worked for to build brand loyalty and trust just disappears with one sad employee. He did not hesitate to point out that happy people inevitably glow, but those who are disaffected go on to upset customers.

The Customer Expectation

According to Alexei Orlov, customers do not take very well to being talked down to by a brand or forced to feel like a second-class citizen. Brands that prove unreliable and unworthy of their customer’s trust only create more hardships for themselves and their ability to succeed, and understandably so.

Alexei Orlov indicated that brand professionals act as if they deserve more customer gratitude than they ever seem to receive. Customers do not necessarily work toward a place of thanklessness toward brands, snubbing them as a conscious, plotted-out act. Customers simply do not have the time to pander to brands with unnecessary thank yous.


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