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Alexei Orlov and The Point of Distinction
Alexei Orlov and The Point of Distinction

Alexei Orlov and The Point of Distinction


Within the winding, convoluted, and often overwhelming paths people traverse throughout the course of their lives, individuals are, in their own ways, simultaneously unique and unremarkable. Within the mundane lies the extraordinary; within the extraordinary lies the mundane. And at the end of the day, people are just trying to survive, find their own version of contentment, and perhaps manage to make a difference in the world around them—should effort, circumstance, and possibly a bit of luck allow for it.

Recognized or still yet undiscovered, each and every individual harbors within them one or more novelties. Whether that novelty is business acumen, writing prowess, or ethereal vocals, there are always gifts to be found; and within each gift lies a point of distinction. A point of distinction is something of the unique, something which makes a person’s particular gift salient and admirable in its own right. It’s that one extra step above which separates the good from great and the proficient from the excellent.

Alexei Orlov’s Personal Journey

Alexei Orlov has spent the majority of his adult life exploring, expanding, and pushing the boundaries of his gift for entrepreneurship. Those outside the realm of entrepreneurship’s day-to-day, inner workings might perceive such ventures as heavily relying on the skills of logic and analysis; and while it is true that such skills are absolutely advantageous, succeeding within the world of business also requires a profound amount of courage and creativity.

Throughout Alexei Orlov’s career, he has demonstrated he has both. In his early days, he intended on pursuing a leadership role within the church. He began working towards his goal of becoming a priest by enrolling in seminary; however, an unexpected family emergency necessitated his return home. This period of time, while initially fraught with uncertainty, ultimately proved to be transitional as it allowed him to reassess his aspirations and unearth his true calling: entrepreneurship.

Alexei Orlov’s Point of Distinction

After this moment of realization, he jumped in headfirst. He quickly found he thrived in leadership roles, a rather rare trait in general, and was able to offer a degree of unconventionality and ingenuity to his work which contributed to his rise to the top. However, if one were to ask Alexei Orlov how he perceives himself, he wouldn’t necessarily say has a God-given gift for business. He believes the key to his success is his unwavering intentionality—making every moment count—and his humble and sincere willingness to learn from those around him. This approach is what has ultimately become his point of distinction.

The Power of Others

Success, particularly financial success, has a tendency to bring out the worst characteristics in people: greed, hubris, haughtiness, short-sightedness, and more. Those who have attained success often attribute their accomplishments entirely to themselves, consciously or unconsciously failing to recognize the power of teamwork and collaboration, and overvalue their own individual roles within their various entrepreneurial ventures.

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