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Alexei Orlov and the Restoration of Humanity through Empathy
Alexei Orlov and the Restoration of Humanity through Empathy

Alexei Orlov and the Restoration of Humanity through Empathy

We all know, it’s not always easy to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and perfectly understand their situation. The challenge is that we are often tempted by our own emotions and thoughts, making us feel sorry for them. However, we don’t do anything beyond an attempt to help.

Definition of empathy through a drowning man

Alexei Orlov portrays this situation by contrasting it to a drowning man. You know that he needs help, yet all of your efforts are useless because there is no way to reach him. Things could have been different had someone else intervened at just the right moment with an act of empathy; they would be alive instead.

At its very heart, empathy can be defined both philosophically as understanding another individual’s struggle (often through feelings of pity) or taking actions, such as helping those who need help.

Empathy through actions

Empathy goes beyond empty rhetoric and casual observance of the situation and claiming that one is an empath. Alexei Orlov suggests that someday when you’re lucky enough to have a friend that is always there for you, and they will be because of their empathy.

You will realize how much more it means than just being able to communicate. You know the kind who listens without judging, talks with purpose instead of recklessly, knows what emotions are telling them even if no one else does? That’s an empathic person.

Alexei Orlov’s paradox of “leaders”

As we see more and more “leaders” in the world who are driven by greed, it’s hard to imagine a future for our children. It’s painful knowing how many children will grow up into adults witnessing these irresponsible behaviors without learning what is right or wrong because nobody else cares enough about them to teach it.

Alexei Orlov admits that it is lamentable that even within a country with liberty and justice for all, many citizens are still oppressed. People carrying Nazi flags carrying in American streets must be called out.


Alexei Orlov and the Restoration of Humanity through Empathy

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