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Alexei Orlov’s bold, exciting new business is the culmination of this globally successful businessman’s 25 years leading, growing, and revitalizing other people’s buisnesses

MTM (moments that matter) is Alexei Orlov’s newest and grandest professional adventure to date… and it’s just getting started.

MTM is a corporate holding company for an independent network of specialist-driven niche agencies supplying interconnected capabilities and disciplines that use technology-enabled creativity to connect people to the brands they love and global brands to their target audience.

MTM is comprised of four agencies located in five cities around the world. Each agency provides its global clientele with world-class marketing, branding, and PR services through very different marketing mediums. All agencies under the mtm umbrella make up a niche moment inside the much bigger global marketing and brand activation world. Since 2017, Alexei Orlov and his team at MTM, have worked to locate and acquire the right agencies that would create the dynamic that Alexei Orlov could so perfectly envision for the future.

Alexei’s major stipulation was that these niche agencies would be more on the start-up side in terms of their current business size, still growing and cultivating their presence. The perfect agency would have created a very positive local presence, but need assistance stepping into a broader spotlight in terms of global visibility. Finding this type of company was critical in order for Alexei Orlov and MTM to truly feel they could become a value-added partner to each of these young, nuanced, and driven brand activating and marketing businesses. Orlov would only buy that company which he believed had the most potential, yet at the same time knew his experience and business acumen would assist in growing all parties once they partnered.

What are the Four Agencies that MTM and Alexei Orlov have Acquired to Date?

The Classic Design-Focused PR Firm that operates out of London, New York, Milan, and Shanghai


The Los Angeles-based video advertising platform running client ads across YouTube and all other social mediums


The brand strategy firm centered around ‘applied empathy’ that boasts 360-degree thinkers building brand narratives to resonate with a client’s core audience


The NYC-based experience design and media design firm that fuses creative tech, physical design, and architecture to deliver high-precision, technology-enabled brand activation experiences for its clients


All four agencies provide a creatively-niche service that resonated with Alexei Orlov, propelling MTM to secure each highly specialized team as a part of what looks to become a very interesting moment of interconnected, yet non-competing agencies that will be able to work together and utilize the experience and business knowledge offered through Alexei Orlov making MTM a global brand activation force to be reckoned with in the future.

What brand activation agency will Alexei Orlov and MTM add next ?

No one knows for sure what’s in store for MTM, but knowing Alexei Orlov, it will be exactly what the brand activation doctors request.

What major creative services do MTM and their acquired-agencies offer to clients?

MTM Creative Branding Services

Who are MTM’s clients?

Small Selection of Current MTM Clients

And that does not even scratch the surface.

Currently, Alexei Orlov’s MTM boasts over 160 clients on five continents and that is only the beginning.


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Alexei Orlov

Founder and CEO

Alex Davison

Founding Partner and COO

Patrick Robertson

Founding Partner and CSO

Margot Husted

Chief Financial Officer

Michael DeCruz

CPA and Advisor

Mike Tokas

Group Operations Director

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